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      Giro Donne 2012
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Main Competition Giro Donne 2012

Rules of the Game
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Rules of the Main Competition

The purpose of this competition is to earn as many points as possible with a team of 25 riders. You need to determine which riders offer the best chance of success before the competition's deadline. 15 of your riders can earn points per stage for your team.

Before you start, please go to 'my profile'. At 'my preferences' you can choose your nickname and you can select your preferred language. If texts are available in your language, they will be presented in that language. If your language is not available and you'd like to help, please contact us through the forum or send a personal message in English.

Compose your Cyclingteam
You've got until (Friday June 29th at 09:30h (CET)) to select a main team. After that time/date the competition is closed. There are no restrictions to selections. Any rider from any participating team can be selected into your personal team. We automatically check your team after the deadline. When you've selected your 25 riders you'll notice that you can actually select 30 riders. As soon as you've selected your 30th rider, the selection-section will disappear. If you'd like to change a rider afterwards you need to delete one of the riders first, after which the selection-section re-appears. The reason for the five extra riders is simple: To offer everyone the same chances you can add five extra riders in case one or more of your first 25 doesn't start the race.

We've done this because not all the teams give out their final selections in time, which of course affects our startlist too. For instance: If one of your riders doesn't start the race, he will automatically be replaced by the number 26 on your list, so the order of your numbers 26 through 30 could be important. When all your riders start the race, the numbers 26 through 30 are discarded and won't re-appear on your list. Not even when a rider from your team doesn't start in stage three, for instance. If a team doesn't contain 25 riders after our final team-check beyond the deadline, then that team is disqualified from competition.

Important: When the startlist before the start of the race isn't definitive yet, all the riders are shown in every team. Only the riders we expect to participate are coloured in BLACK, the ones that don't start will be coloured in GREY. After the startlist becomes definitive, only the riders that participate in the race can be selected. Check the forum on the status of our startlist.

Stage Startlists
Before the deadline for every stage [except team-time-trials] you select 15 riders from your team of 25. Those riders can score you points, while the 'benched' riders can't. If you don't select your 15 riders in time, we will add the top 15 riders onto your startlist for that day automatically. The sequence of your team can therefore be important, but only when you don't select a starting line-up for a stage in this competition. It could be that you can't select 15 riders nearing the end of the race anymore, because many have abandoned the race. In that case only the still active riders can earn you points.

Scoring points
The riders that appear in your list of 15 riders can score you points according to the points-table in the section below. Your earned points will be entered into a daily classification as well as the general classification. The one who earned the most points at the end of the race is our winner and walks away with eternal glory!

PositionPoints PositionPoints
1st place100 11th place10
2nd place80 12th place9
3rd place70 13th place8
4th place60 14th place7
5th place50 15th place6
6th place40 16th place5
7th place30 17th place4
8th place25 18th place3
9th place20 19th place2
10th place15 20th place1

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